Square Foot Gardening – What You Need To Know

What Is Square Foot Gardening?
Square foot gardening is essentially where you create a smaller bed for your gardening needs. The average size is normally 4 foot by 8 foot. Which will then be sectioned into smaller 1-foot squares. This was invented so you could grow many crops in one area and be able to care for them more easily.

Benefits of Square Gardening
Like everything, square gardening comes with many benefits.
– Your soil will not be ruined. As you are working with a smaller area you will not need to walk over the soil. Meaning it will all stay healthy and not flattened down.
– Less work and maintenance. Again, as you are working with a smaller area you will have fewer crops to care for. Meaning less time and water is taken up caring for them.
-Wider variety of crops. You will be able to offer yourself a wider variety of crops in a smaller area. Due to you sectioning your bed, you will be able to plant multiple crops in the different sections, giving you a much wider selection.

Disadvantages of Square Gardening
When there are benefits, there are always some disadvantages. These include:
-Some of the larger crops will not be able to grow in this type of garden. Due to the space being limited their growth will not thrive.
-Weeds can be a huge problem. Due to all of the plants being crammed in so closely together, it is likely that you will find weeds making their way into the mix, potentially ruining your crops.
-It does cost a lot of money to start up this garden. With you needing more materials than if you were to plant them straight into a flower bed or your allotment patch.

So, that’s the low down on square gardening. Will you be one who decides to take the leap and begin this gardening adventure?

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