When heading to a gardening supply store, you are likely to be faced with a wide variety of tools, but some of them you simply don’t need to invest in straight away. Whilst most gardening tools will bring some advantages and benefits, this does not mean you will need them in your first gardening tool kit. So, here are some tools you do not need to invest in straight away.

Knee Pad
Whilst a knee pad does bring many benefits to gardeners, it is not a tool that you need to purchase and invest in straight away. You will be able to cope as a gardener without a knee pad, there are other items in your home you can use instead.

Different Types of Spades
When you go to a gardening supply store you will see many different types of spades. From hand trowels to larger spades. You may be under the impression that you need to purchase one of every kind, but you don’t. Simply choose one that is comfortable for you. They will all complete the same job, you do not need one of each.